Gorgeous 5ct Cushion set in 18kt yellow gold with diamonds aurrounding it, antique filigree side designs and a wheat chain.A 4.16ct Heart Cut Tanzanite, Violet/blue in color old D Block stone been in hiding, 50/50 stone color mix. Very fine clarity and cut. Will make a fabulous necklace center stone which we can set in platinum or a fabulous ring - which we actually have a design. Rare size 10mm almost 1/2inch and on SALE.

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Tanzanite ! Tanzanites ! We have many loose Tanzanites and finished Tanzanite Jewelry from $200 to $2000/ct depending on color,color mix, cut quality, clarity, saturation, and size and we have many different sizes, shapes, colors and cut quality - from light lavender to violet to violet-blue to deep violet and deep blue and even blue-violet. WE GUARANTEE that it will be the best stone for the money. In addition to Fine finished Jewelry in all metals, we can design an Award Winning creation with you !
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The exotic Tanzanite gemstone can be found in only one location worldwide: a strip of only a few kilometers in the Merelani hills located in northern Tanzania at the foothills of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. One look at the precious gem will tell you what an important mine the Merelani has come to be, as the stone's stunning deep blue and purple hues will captivate you immediately. From 2000 feet below the surface, miners carefully extract the tanzanite, which naturally comes in irregular crystal shapes in a dark brown shade. Using a process similar to that utilized to bring out the brilliant colors of rubies and sapphires, the stone is then heated to approximately 600 degrees Celsius to yield the permanent blue-lavender color.

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The color is the consumer's most valuable quality indication of the gem. More valuable tanzanite stones have a stronger intensity, while lower quality stones are often pale or gray in color. Tanzanite registers a 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, which places it softer than diamonds or sapphires, and therefore more susceptible to scratches or abrasions. The stone is more than suitable for jewelry, but the wise owner will still take some precautions. Tanzanite is best set in less exposed pieces of jewelry, and while not being worn should be stored in individual cloth pouches. The gem can be cleaned using soap or steamer, but an ultrasonic cleaner should not be used. After a devastating flood in the Merelani mine in April 1998 that the community is still recovering from, tanzanite demand is higher than ever. We look forward to introducing you to the world of this precious gem and welcome any questions you may have.

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