Gorgeous 5ct Cushion set in 18kt yellow gold with diamonds aurrounding it, antique filigree side designs and a wheat chain.A 4.16ct Heart Cut Tanzanite, Violet/blue in color old D Block stone been in hiding, 50/50 stone color mix. Very fine clarity and cut. Will make a fabulous necklace center stone which we can set in platinum or a fabulous ring - which we actually have a design. Rare size 10mm almost 1/2inch and on SALE.


Dear Jeff,
Goods have arrived - THEY ARE LOVELY - and just as I imagined. The ring fits! No problems with customs - don't even think they opened it, but the way you handled it was just perfect! Thank you. Will be keeping an eye on your web page on the lookout for other items. Healthwise a bit better, have been doing oceans of tests, but still no idea as to cause of malady. Will continue tests on 2 April.
Very best regards

hey Jeff I just gotthe ring. It looks great!!! Thanks again for all your patience and hard work on this one. I also glanced at the rings you sent pics of with her ring. I'll look at tehm more and we will get with you when we decide on styles. I do know that I am interested in a really modern, funky style. I'll get in touch with you about that soon. Thanks again.

It just now arrived. It is beautiful. It almost reminds me of an "M" looking straight on at it. The sapphires all look real good together, just like you said. I don't know how to thank you for such wonderful work. I guess I will just have to keep buying things from you as a way of saying thank you. I am so happy to have stumbled upon your website on the net. I am not usually a net browser but for some reason that particular day I was led to you.
Stay well. I will talk to you soon.

I just completed the survey. Of course, you received rave reviews. I couldn't be more pleased about my experience with you guys.
Good luck.

Hi Jeff,
Just received my Opal ring that I ordered at the beginning of the week. It is better than I expected the picture on your website does not do it justice. It is unbelievable that in 4 to 5 days that I could have a ring like this. Thank you for doing a remarkable job and producing something of such quality in a short period of time. Also good thing we changed to a size 12 from 10, a 10 would have fit my pinking, maybe. I could not be more delighted with the ring from the oval design to the gold contours and the size and color of the stone. Absolutely great Job!
Best Regards,

hey guys............i picked up Janes ring yesterday............it is soooooooooo beautiful..........SHE ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE WITH IT............you guys did a good job.........thanks a million,,,,,,,Dan

Dear Jeff,
You did a beautiful job. Yesterday we got the resized pictures back and I gave it to my daughter. She loved it. Thank you & when we need jewelry we will come to you.

About 8-9 months ago I had an opal engagement ring custom designed by the people at J Thomson Custom Jewelers The staff at J Thomson Custom Jewelers were in constant contact with me during the design process sending me photos of gem possibilities, ring prototypes, etc. on a constant basis so that I was sure to be happy with the product. I was so satisfied with their customer service that I recommended them to some friends of mine, who also purchased their wedding bands from J Thomson Custom Jewelers as well. As far as the product, I really can't find any words to accurately describe the beauty of the finished piece I recieved. I'm not at home today, but when I get there later this weekend I'll take a picture with my digital camera and send it to you via e-mail so that you can see for yourself. I'm sure you will be extremely pleased with their work. If you have any other questions you can call me at my home in Miami. The number is 305-666-9761. I'm available after 1pm Mon.,Tue.,or Wed., any other time or day I'm either in class or at work. Feel free to call-
Sincerely- Chaim Nelson

Jeff I rececived the stone on Friday and had it set that evening. The stone is stunning...I can not thank you enough. Everyone was very impressed by the color and cut. My mom will just love it. Can I ask you besides round cut what other shapes ( cuts) of stone do you have this availble in??? As people ask I will pass on were I received it from. Thank you again. I am extremely pleased.
Dawn Scianno in NY

Once again, we are very impressed with "the way you do opals." We love the pendant, it looks great, and above all, workmanship is very high quality.
I am sure we will be in touch again, as you know opals is one of Lori's favorite stones.
Thanks again,
Tom and Lori

Jeff and crew,
I received the package yesterday. You did excellent work! The set is absolutely stunning. I am sure my wife will be very happy on Christmas.
Thank you and have a great holiday!

I recieved the pendant today and it is beautiful. Your work is fantastic.I knew that the opal was beautiful---- but the work you did with the gold and all of your recomendations have truely made it into a work of art. The pendant absolutely glows. ---- There are some more opals that I am curious about and would like to send them to you for an appraisal.---------- I probably should get all of the collection that I purchased appraised. ------ Our anniversery is 15th Jan.---- Thank you for getting it done in time. God bless you.
roger and selena

Dear Jeff,
I received the earrings this morning. They are stunning. Thank you so much for your personalized service. You are greatly appreciated. Graciously,
Tracie Bork

Dear Jeff:
I just picked up my stunning opal ring from Sziro Jewelers yesterday and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your huge contribution toward making my ring so exquisite.
The opals are the most beautiful gems I've ever seen and I will cherish this ring forever.
I'm glad that you and Kelly have met and I hope you'll enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship. When I decide to get another opal piece-- you're the man I'll come to and I will recommend you to everyone-- although my ring will be the best recommendation anyone could ask for!
Again, thank you for helping to make one proud opal-ring-owner very happy!
With best regards,
Alix Prizer

Jeff - I received the cross on Saturday. It looks great. It is amazing how difficult it is to get a feel for the actual appearance from a picture that is enlarged. Your interpretation of the design is a great improvement over my concept. The opal looks like it must be lighted with a battery.
Am I correct that working out and showering while wearing the opal would be a bad idea?
Thanks again for your help - it was a fun project with a great outcome.

WOW.....this is sooooooooooooo beautiful...let me commend you for your total honesty and wonderful committment to your business..we will definitely do more business with you in the future....thank you for everything....judi gonzales....

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